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[Nettime-nl] Geert Dekker's Something to Look Forward to (

From: Net Art News <>
Subject: Something to Look Forward to
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 00:00:04 -0800

In case you haven't noticed,
drawing's back. Amsterdam's Geert
Dekkers capitalizes on its quiet
renaissance by using webspace to
disseminate art to an unlimited
viewership. is a New
Zealand-based weblog and 'a drawing
a day' has been programmed to
generate a new drawing daily at
exactly 00:00 CET since May 2002.
Dekkers explains that 'The drawings,
even if they are not strictly
drawings (but web pages or flash
movies) are, in essence, plans, and
I see them as the most basic form of
an artistic idea. Which is of course
why most of the content is in some
way related to planning some event
in the future.' The drawing a day
project dovetails out of Dekkers'
ongoing preoccupation with the
concept of future, the basis for
other threads such as 'One Day,' a
series that 'takes a wish or desire
and throws it forward into some
unspecified future.' - Peggy

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