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[Nettime-nl] academy of fine arts position: new media art professor

The New media department ( at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech republic ( is seeking professor for at least one year, beginning October 2007.
The New media department seeks candidates with an interdisciplinary approach to the role played by new technologies in artistic, social, and political fields. Prior art teaching experience or knowledge of new media art practices and procedures is strongly preferred.
We invite applications from artists working in such areas as: video art, interactive art, data visualization, digital motion capture, web art, etc.

The school is situated very close to the city center, in a cubistic villa facing the biggest park in Prague. The New Media department was founded in 1991 as part of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague as one of the first schools of this kind in Eastern Europe. The Academy offers housing and a salary in accordance with the Academy of Fine Arts pay scales. Please send cover letters, works samples (catalogues, publications) and resumes to
The deadline for the applications is June the 1st, 2007.

Academy of Fine Arts New Media I U akademie 4 17022 Praha 7 Czech republic

tel.: +420 220408201

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