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[Nettime-nl] 14 april Brussel: EUROMAYDAY PERSCONFERENTIE (Modified by Geert Lovink)

Watch and Listen to Chiki-Chiki Precario:

Monday, April 14
14h30, Maison de LA PAIX
rue Van Elewijck, 35, 1050

CONTACTS:, Marc Monaco +32486023875, Cedric
Jonckheere +32.479/69.29.11,


  What's EuroMayDay?

A transnational demonstration of precarious and migrant people held
the First of May in more than a dozen European cities. The first
MayDay Parade was held in Milan in 2001 (it now attracts 100,000
people). EuroMayday is a process by which actions and demands are put
forward to fight the widespread precarization of youth and the
discrimination of migrants in Europe and beyond: no borders, no
workfare, no precarity!

  Who organizes EuroMayDay and what for?

The EuroMayDay network, a web of media activists, labor organizers,
migrant collectives convening each year in a different European city.
Last mayday assembly was in Berlin, where it was agreed that these
would be the demands for EuroMayDay 008:
  •       full legalization for all persecuted migrants
  •       self-organizing and unionizing rights freed from state 
  •       unconditional basic income
  •       a european living wage
  •       free access to culture, knowledge, and skills
  •       the right to cheap housing

  Where will EuroMayDay 008 occur?

In Aachen - Berlin - Copenhagen - Hanau - Hamburg - Helsinki - Lisboa
- Madrid - Malaga - Maribor - Milano - Napoli - Palermo - Terrassa -
Tokyo - Wien.

This year, there is a focal point in Aachen/Aix-la-Chapelle
(, where Nicolas Sarkozy will
present Angela Merkel with the EU Oscar, the Prix Charlemagne. Irony
of the calendar, in 2008 syndicalist MayDay coincides with catholic
Ascension Day, when the Karlspreis is handed out. This year for MayDay
in Aachen, two worlds will clash together

  What kind of people participate in EuroMayDay Parades?

Activists, artists, hackers, unionists, migrant associations,
precarious2precarious networks, queer collectives, leftist radicals of
all stripes: red, black, green, pink, purple, silver.
They are coming to Aachen and other EuroMayDay Parades to join  the
fight against a EU dominated by police security and financial
privilege, by Barroso's neoliberalism, Trichet's monetarism, Solana's

  MAYDAY! MAYDAY! no borders, no precarity, let's defeat the new 


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