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[Nettime-nl] Reminder | Space Time Play, may 2, 2008, NAi Rotterdam


V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, presents:

*Space Time Play: Gaming in Urban Space *

Friday May 2, location: NAi, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam

This event will be streamed live at

An evening dedicated to computer games, architecture, art activism and
urbanism as theorized and practiced by artists, architects and game
designers, organized by V2_ in cooperation with Workspace Unlimited.


/Matt Adams (UK), Mary Flanagan (US), Workspace Unlimited (BE), Steffen
P. Walz (D) and Matthias Böttger (D), //Petr Kazil (NL), Theodore Watson
(US), The C-men (NL) with  Jeroen Tel a.k.a. Maniacs of Noise (NL)/

For more information, please contact
Michel van Dartel
T +31 (0)10 2067272

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