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[Nettime-nl] Reminder Deadline Nov. 3th Call for applications, The Patchingzone

Reminder Deadline _Nov. 3th _ Call for applications, The Patchingzone

The Patchingzone is a transdisciplinary lab for innovation where
students from different backgrounds work together with professionals on
meaningful creative media applications. The Patchingzone works closely
with V2_ and builds on the knowledge and expertise gained in the V2_Lab;
the research and development department of V2_ and the PhD research
‘Processpatching’, Defining New Methods in aRt&D by Anne Nigten. The
Patchingzone’s team: Kristina Andersen (Ma/Msc), Rene Wassenburg,
Lyndsey Housden (MA student), Prof. Lynda Hardman, drs. Dineke Keemink,
Dr. Anne Nigten and several prominent guest lecturers.
www.patchingzone.net <http://www.patchingzone.net/>
www.processpatching.net <http://www.processpatching.net/>

This is a reminder for the call for student applications for the ‘Go
for IT!’ Project in Rotterdam. We are interested in Master (Ma, Msc)
students and PhD (theoretical and practical) researchers for 1 and 2
semesters in 2009 from the following fields: game design, art and
technology, performing arts, design, cognitive science, art and cultural
management, computer science and so on. The deadline for applications is
November 3^th . In the next paragraph you’ll find a brief description of
the upcoming Go for IT! Project in Rotterdam. The application form can
be downloaded from our website. <http://www.patchingzone.net/>



Game design, art interventions, urban culture, mobile technology, social
aspects of public space.

GO FOR IT! is a creative collaboration project that will be developed
for and with the youth, students and researchers in Rotterdam. The
project is built around a series of creative technology workshops and
public events that deal with contemporary technology such as
‘wearables’, electronics, e-fashion, mobile communication and other
means of expression. The outcome of the workshops and events results in
an interactive Urban Game that will be performed and played in a public
space in south Rotterdam’s city district Feijenoord. The project will be
realised, under the supervision of professionals, as a collaborative
effort by local young people and a team of outstanding students from
different backgrounds. The objective of GO FOR IT! is multifaceted, we
aim to work on several social issues such as exchange and collaboration
among young people, national and international students and
professionals from the creative industries; we also want to promote a
creative urban youth culture. We plan to make connections with
innovative urban game concepts and technology relating to public space.
This brings forward the most pressing issues to be worked on within GO
FOR IT! How can game concepts, art, and cultural events be of value for
the enrichment of public space? Which creative technology applications
could encourage co-creation and collaboration in urban public space?*

Runtime: January 2009 – end 2009 (participation for one or two semesters)

Location: Rotterdam, city-district Feijenoord

Client: Rotterdam South Pact

Deadline for applications: November 3th 2008

Are you one of the Master (MA or Msc) or Phd (theoretical or practical)
students who would like to work in the team, for Go for IT!’s
realisation? We invite you to apply for one or two semesters in 2009!

What we offer: a research grant of 350,- euro per month, unique
transdisciplinairy collaboration experiences under supervision of
excellent supervisors on both practical and theoretic levels, seminars
with prominent researchers, theorists, designers and artists, and a
broad network of contacts in the fields of science, art, culture and
design. There is NO subscription or entry fee for students to
participate in this project!

We are currently in conversation with the local building cooperation for
temporary housing for our students.


All applications will be reviewed and juried based on its (discipline
specific) quality, expertise about the field, the motivation for
transdisciplinary collaboration and its creative approach towards the theme.

The first round of selections will be done by an expert jury; Prof.
Lynda Hardman (head semantic interfaces group, C.W.I. / part-time full
professor TUe), Dr. Dirk Heylen, coordinator of MSc Human Media
Interaction and the minor program Art, Media and Technology at the
University of Twente, Drs. Dick Rijken (lector Haagse Hoge School /
Waterwolf), Alex Adriaansens (director and head-curator V2_, Institute
for the Unstable Media), Kristina Andersen MA / MSc (Steim, workshop
leader and mentor The Patchingzone, NL) and Dr. Anne Nigten ( researcher
and director The Patchingzone, NL).

In a final round The Patchingzone core team and representatives of the
involved cultural institutes and city-district Feijenoord will review
the pre-selected proposals for the team composition and expertise
matches. The final team will be announced 1 month after the deadline at
the latest.

Download application form from our website:

http://patchingzone.net <http://patchingzone.net/>

V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media
Anne Nigten, manager V2_Lab www.v2.nl <http://www.v2.nl>
p: +31 (0) 10 2067272 f: +31 (0) 10 2067274, KvK # 41082049

Read more about the first pilot-project of The Patchingzone:

Processpatching, defining new methods in aRt&D, PhD research is
published online: http://processpatching.net/

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