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[Nettime-nl] vanmiddag: â$$TM â Rotterdamâ Action Research workshop

een verfrissende (ook qua weer) stadswandeling door Rotterdam met Dr. Markus Hafner, aka /Renfah/, van 14.00 tot 19.00 - met inleidende lezing en briefing om 14.00 bij WORM.

meer info hieronder, tickets aan de deur of via

deelname aan de workshop geeft ook toegang to het avondprogramma:


*join moddr_ and Dr. Markus Hafner ( aka Renfah ) on October 27th for*

â$$TM â Rotterdamâ

A one-day workshop exploring the field of âparticipatory action researchâ, this time focusing specifically on the current cultural landscape of Rotterdam, we will deploy tactics and strategies as described by the likes of Talcott Parsons, Niklas Luhmann, Pierre Bourdieu and Stuart Hall â investigating global enterprises and systems, the subject within, sociosoma and imagined communities.

The workshop consists of a short overview and lecture by Markus Hafner on the days themes and topics, to then move into the city âto gather evidences...and first of all to find out if theory is right - to see where we are using systems in our daily life, and how many symbols of them we're able to find just by walking in the city.â

For more info send mail to,

October 27th, 14.00 till 19.00-ish @WORM

damage to join = 10 euros (bring a student ID and get in for 7,50!)

bring your camera.

âIn contradiction of classical schemes of individual identity formation, people all over the world use â due to the factof globalization â the same things and form their lifestyle and subjectivity by the use of these things and the impliedconnotations of global corporation systems. In this workshop we Ìre heading into the field of globalized systems andfluid, temporary communities that emerge by the cultural exposure with these. The influence of global corporationsitself can be seen either as a matter of dominant-hegemonial communication, or as an act of coping with the factscaused by this circumstance, or as a negotiated form of existing, or otherwise as a guerilla artform in a way ofoppositional reading. Repetitive elements referencing the corporate communication are therefore showing up all overthe world, through the adapted use of logos and slogans. This may occur in the form of a recirculation or anadaptation of these signs and furthermore can be seen as a marker that gives you examples in a way of a visualsociography in globalized communities. action research is here to make an exploring expedition through rotterdam âi.e. a workshop, where we will find out if this certain viewpoint is a possibility of analyzing these circumstances â whileliving in these global systems.â

workshop outline:

14.00 - meet up at WORM to get a short overview about the themes within the workshop.

1.) what are global Systems: structures, enterprises: examples, appearences, influences, symbols

2.) what is a system: based upon the ideas by Talcott Parsons AGIL scheme and Niklas Luhmann system theory

3.) what is with the subject within: here we use the habitus concept by Pierre Bourdieu and the encoding/decoding model by Stuart Hall to develop a system of interrelation for global communities

4.) what is an imagined community: based upon Benedict Andersons theory about nations and gemeinschaft by Zygmunt Bauman

5.) what is symbolic culture: this is where we outline Clifford Geertz concept of culture as "a system of inherited conceptions expressed in symbolic forms by means of which men communicate, perpetuate, and develop their knowledge about and attitudes toward life"

6.) what is a sociosoma: here we go into the detail, where we sum-up the points above to this new model of a temporary positioned, fluid and most of all global community - where people within use a system (f.e. given by a multinational enterprise) and therefore become part of a community - temporarily, fluid, and in their own manner

7.) which is when weÂre heading outside ( approximately at 15h ) to start researching our field (i.e. Rotterdam)

...first of all to find out if theory is right and to gather evidences - to see where we are using systems in our daily life, and how many symbols of them weÂre able to find just by walking through the city.
Mag. art. Dr. phil. Markus Hafner

Initiator of international, mediabased projects and transdisciplinary society - and systemchallenging concepts.


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