David Hudson on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 23:24:19 +0200 (MET DST)

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Syndicate: Aid

A few days ago (it already seems like weeks ago), the issue of aid came up.
Obviously what's needed now are the basics: food, warm blankets, etc. I
found a few accounts set up for organizations seeing to these immediate
needs at Spiegel Online.


Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
Deutsche Bank Bonn
Kto-Nr. 41 41 41
BLZ 380 700 59
Stichwort Kosovo

Diakonisches Werk der EKD
Postbank Stuttgart
Kto-Nr. 502 707
BLZ: 600 100 70
Stichwort Kosovo-Konflikt

Deutscher Caritas-Verband
Postbank Karlsruhe
Kto-Nr. 202 753
BLZ 660 100 75
Stichwort Kosovo

In the meantime, German foreign minister Joschka Fischer has called for a
conference in Bonn and invited UNHCR Commissioner Sadako Ogata, EU
Commissioner Emma Bonino and the foreign ministers of Albania,
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Rumania, Slovenia,
Hungary, Finnland and Austria to discuss the refugee situation. (I didn't
see a date set for the conf in the story.)

More aid-related stories...


U.S., world mobilize to aid Kosovo refugees

Humanitarian relief efforts are mobilizing in an effort to provide food and
medicine for thousands of refugees



U.N. to airlift aid to refugees in Albania

An ethnic Albanina refugee carries loaves of bread in Kukes, Albania