Vesna_Novakovic on Tue, 30 Mar 1999 22:17:01 +0100

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Syndicate: Re: Open response to Michael Benson

Vesna_Novakovic <ansev@EUnet.yu>

Dear Michael,   thank you for your view of the things. Obviously you, for
whatever reason, do not wish to see things as they are.  Everybody is
entitled to their point of view and I can appreciate that we do not  see
eye to eye. I, however, have no desire to argue with you but would like to
clear a few points, in response to your open accusation of  the Serbs'
theft of the JNA. Your point that the JNA used to be compraised of young
men  drafted from all corners of the former Yugoslavia absolutely stands.
But do you,  now, actually believe that the Serbs "stole" all of them, or
don't you  think the lads from Slovenia, Croatia, ect. went "home" taking
with  them what they hadn't destroyed ?
   .......Burns arguments, and by extension Vesna's arguments, would leave NO
>RESPONSE while hundreds of thousands of Albanians are herded >from
>their homes and expelled, or executed.-    No one here, nor I, wishes such
>faith upon the innocent Albanian  population. People are people.  But
>there is, nor will be, no room for the  KLA in Kosovo, with or without
>Slobodan Milosevic.   Milosevic is of no relevance at this point in  time.
>You are an intelligent man and I am  surpised that you fail to see that
>the thing at issue here is not about the  Kosovars or the Serbs at all.
>Both sides are totally insignificant in the whole  affair and especially
>where the human rights are concernded. The Americans  couldn't care less
>about either nations. The Serbs, Albanians and Kosovars are  but the mere
>instruments in the game by which the USA wish to expand their  dominance
>in the world. The world has come to realize that and that's why the  whole
>planet is on its feet, thinking "Am I the next NATO target  ?"
I hope you, Vesna, and you Slobodan, stay well
>*out* of harms  way. It saddens me immeasurably to see how
>unbelievably susceptible to  manipulation by this blood-thirsty regime
>the Serbian people have proved  themselves to be.   Dear Michael, this
>last remark  is simple laughable. Having  spent the years 1986-1995 in
>Britain and having  travelled to all corners  of Europe (except for
>Albania, Spain and Portugal) over the past 25 years or so,  I have seen
>the western style democracy in action at first hand. That now helps  me
>understand the media blockade in those countries, especially those NATO
>members. I can't tell how busy, because of that, I am these days giving
>the  coverage of the situation to my friends all over the world who
>contact me daily  wanting to know what is going on here. Their TV stations
>and the press have  taken, obvious now event to the public in those
>countries, the one-sided  view.Under whose orders, I ask ? Maybe you know
>the answer.    Now after the Croats ethnically cleansed their country of
>the Serbs, and  after they were expelled from Bosnia, and now with NATO
>kicking them out of  Kosovo, where do you, Michael, suggest the Serbs
>should live ?  I  personally did try the West. Thanks but no thanks ! Not
>for me !
No harm to you  either, Vesna  Novakovic