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[Nettime-nl] ASCII Agenda september
Janneke on Mon, 3 Sep 2001 21:04:07 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-nl] ASCII Agenda september

ASCII agenda September:
Sorry folks, this time only in English

- Video screening, monday september 3:
HAL 2001 in three hours or: ''as not seen on TV''  
Video footage,radio interviews made on Hackers at Large 2001, 
the biggest open-air hackers' gathering in the world held in 
University of Twente - a bit less than a month ago. Courtesy of Live.Media.Nu,
Vryje Keiser RTV and your host ASCII Internetworkplace...and others we cannot 

Starts 20.00, Entrance free

- Workshop, tuesday september 4:
one screen should be enuff 4 everybody. 
(or: how I learned to stop worrying and love VT100)

So you know everything there is to know about Gnome, X-Chat, Gimp, Mozilla
and all the other wonderful Linux applications with graphical user
interfaces. Why would you want to use pine, BitchX, tin, lynx and all
those lame text-based programs anyways?  Because Screen makes them fun
again-- you can log out in the middle of doing 10 different things and
pick right up again where you left off from a different terminal at a
different time-- especially nice if you have an unreliable network
connection.  And no one in your chat channel will even know you were gone.
Green on black was never so appealing.

Time: 19.30, Entrance free.

- Workshop, tuesday september 11:
Introduction to Servlets
Deployment on Linux

This will be an introduction to getting a servlet server up and running in
no time. Target audience is UNIX-capable users that can edit config files,
no Java or programming experience required.
- What is this servlet lark anyway? Why bother?
- Choosing a Java VM
- Installing & Configuring Jakarta Tomcat
- What are the minimal config edits necessary to get going?
- Looking at servlet server alternatives (Jetty, Caucho Resin etc.)
- Playing nicely with Apache httpd, (module or proxy)
- Where does XML fit into the picture?
- Itsy-bitsy baby steps overview of Java coding for servlets.

Time: 19.30, Entrance free.

- Workshop, tuesday september 18:
Wavelan for beginners.
In this workshop we'll look into what wavelan is, how it works, and how to get it to work. 
Plus some information on what's possible and what not (as far as we know it). 

Time: 19.30, Entrance free.

- Video  {AT}  ASCII 
Thursday 20 September
Mumia Steungroep Amsterdam: Mumiaplein
Film: "Corrections", Ashley Hunt and Jonas Hudson, 2001, United States.
(58 minutes)
Description: CORRECTIONS is the story of profits and massive imprisonment,
how histories of racial and economic inequality in the US are emerging
from walls of today's prisons, and how this crisis has become the
incentive base for an enitre industry.
 Bringing these growing concerns together in an innovative documentary
in the tradition of filmmakers Emile De Antonio and Erroll Morris and such
films as "Roger and Me", Corrections reveals a dramatic history of
incarceration-for-profit; the first film to open the doors of today's

more info  {AT} :

Time: 19:30, Entrance: donations welcome

- 22 september Manifestation against the raising of our rent
Because of the rent-raise of 900% (!) that Fort van Sjakoo and ASCII are confronted with, we will hold a protest-manifestation in front of Jodenbreestraat 24. Program is not known yet, but will be announced, so check back regularly

Time: 13.00 - 18.00, Entrance free.

- Workshop, tuesday september 25:
Shell scripting

Don't Panic: Still Got Your Shell! The pro's of shell scripting
are the possiblities of making small scripts on any system, under any
circumstance. Thought string handeling in shellscripts was impossible?
Learn how to do it and more. We will cover Korn & Bourne shells. Tips
and tricks from an experienced Unix hacker.

Time: 19.30, Entrance free.

Music  {AT}  ascii: 
Dates are not here yet, we'll keep you informed, 
check http://radar.squat.net for details

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