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2. Tamas Bodoky: Mr. Gorsky (fwd)
3. Alexei A. Shulgin:cult figure
4. Alexei Shulgin: Heath Bunting
5. heath bunting:Alexei Shulgin
6. heath bunting: Dear Pit Schultze
7. Robert Drucker: PSHIFT(1)
8. Pit Schultz : what do* you do today?
9. Colin Gabriel Hatcher: Cyberdemons...
10. vuk cosic akke wagenaar:The net.artists
11. a. sh. ,v. c. & a. b.: Refresh
12. Radio Patapoe:Glory of Humankind
13. Zvonimir Bakotin: Re:Glory of Humankind
14. Josephine Bosma: love should be forbidden by law
15. Kathy Rae Huffman:Cyber Intimacy
16. Toshiya Ueno: A Preliminary Thesis...
17. Alexei Shulgin:something that almost does not exist
18. Pit Schultz: re: property and territory
19. Simon Penny: The Darwin Machine: Artificial Life and Art
20. Matthew Fuller:People Would Go Crazy
21. Janos Sugar:Paradigm Shift Interruptus 1
22. Alexei Shulgin: indexes.html
23. Geert Lovink: New Media and the Art of Debating
24. Alexei Shulgin: Art, Power, and Communication
25. Andreas Broeckmann: Art in the electronic networks
26. Reclaim Authenticity: Who Wants Unsellable Trash?
27. Matthew Smith: Re:Who Wants Unsellable Trash?
28. Reclaim The Networks: Who Needs the Great WWW Economy?
29. Reclaim Net Art: Who Needs the Art World?
30. Steve Barnard: Child Fun!
31. Akke Wagenaar: SCUM!!! manifesto: humans <> machines